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Large Airports

Berlin slips up, shows off Istanbul

More than six years to build the Berlin now at its new airport. Istanbul will it go faster: Already in 2016, the opening of the airport on the Bosphorus planned - although it was not even started the work. But the construction of the largest airport in the world also meets with opposition.
Thomas Bormann, ARD radio studio Istanbul
Much more than the sound of the Black Sea, you do not hear in Karaburun. But in three years in the sleepy coastal village, which is 50 kilometers away from the Turkish city of Istanbul, not be the same as previously.
Map: The location of the three airports in the metropolitan area of ​​Istanbul. Enlarge ImageThe location of the airports in the metropolitan region of Istanbul
Passenger aircraft will start at minute intervals in Karaburun and land, because this build Istanbul's third airport. The government has published only a few weeks ago, the plans for the new "super airport" with his six start and runways - and exploding real estate prices, "Here you are paying for the square today 300 to 350 lira," says broker Demir Dalkilic the neighboring village Tayakadin. "It used to be 30 or 40 lira."

Former major airport is bursting at the seams

If Dalkilic looks out his office window, he sees so far only a few small houses and easy transactions to dusty roads and small forest patches. The broker would be but on the change: "This is not just a new airport to be built, but also a haven for sea vessels," he says. "And a highway connection to the proposed third bridge over the Bosphorus."

Istanbul builds and builds. In Turkey, there are no lengthy approval procedure.If the Turkish government considers a project to be important, then they decide quickly - and roll on excavators.
The previous main Istanbul Ataturk airport is bursting at the seams. Due to overload many flights are delayed, arriving aircraft queues turn over the city.This is uncomfortable and slows the growth of the Turkish airline Turkish Airlines. Therefore, the government has decided that we need a new international airport - and fast.


Around 150 million passengers, the new Istanbul airport able to handle a year - nearly 60 million more than the previous World's Largest Airport Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. Overall, the yet unnamed airport will have six runways. The construction costs will exceed seven billion euros.

Forestry engineer criticized Mayor

The Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas, a party colleague of Prime Minister Erdogan had also once found on the extreme outskirts the perfect site: "This is practically a desolate area with no green space," said Topbas."As previously grew only weeds. It today resembles more lunar cratered."
How it looks on the moon in Karaburnu however, is not. While there are some quarries, as well as many forests and lakes. Forestry engineer Zeynel Arslangündogdu thinks so what say the mayor disagree.
"This used to be forest - then mines and mines were laid," said Arslangündogdu. "In the contracts, is that the operators of the mines by the use must reforest the area again. So to say that it was not a forest area here is a delusion."

"Hopefully we can stay"

Mirage of aircraft and tower on the Ataturk Airport.  (Photo: picture-alliance / Andreas donor)Enlarge ImageThe Ataturk Airport is considered to be completely overloaded.There are also notable protests against the new airport, but it has not yet. The residents in the villages surrounding feel overwhelmed: "They tell us nothing", a yogurt seller complained in Karaburun. "They will shave the forest, 20 to 25 years old firs."
Previously, no one has taken care of the land. "But now everyone is eager to buy the ground," says the man, he lives with his family in a small house he had built many years ago without permission - as was so common in the Turkish countryside. A state-owned certificate for his house or his property he has not.
"We may hope to remain here," he says - and looks at the landscape of forests and lakes. Soon his look is here to meet new hotels and shopping malls, the new railway station for the train to downtown Istanbul and the Tower for the new airport.

Erdogan plans' second Bosphorus "

Passengers in the departure lounge of the airport Istanbul Ataturk (Photo: picture-alliance / dpa)Enlarge ImagePassengers in the departure lounge of the airport AtaturkErdogan wants to implement in Karaburun still a project, a "crazy" project, as he himself says, a "second Bosporus". A 50-mile canal from the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea, so that the many tankers and cargo ships no longer have to struggle through the Bosphorus - but can sail in parallel by an artificial canal.
This "second Bosporus" is to be completed in ten years, in time for the centenary of the Republic of Turkey.The new international airport in Istanbul, then a long time ago to be in operation. The opening date in 2016 is not intended to be moved.

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